Posted by: humv | November 19, 2009

Monday announcements on Thursday

Thursday: Racquetball, 7-10 am (sorry about the late notice), IMA, equipment is free, easy to learn and a great workout

Sunday: Watch the Seahawks vs Vikings, at the Rat and Raven, game starts at 10 am

Philanthropy Event

Habitat for Humanity is having an event Friday, November 20th, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm in South Seattle. The address is 4015 Martin Luther King Jr. Way South  Seattle, WA 98108. Please RSVP Josh if you plan on attending. His email is

Some other notes.

If you are interested in taking self-defense classes there is a former Marine who offers a discount to Vets. You can check out his website or just look at the organization.

Hopefully everyone who wanted Apple Cup tickets stood in line on Monday and is ready to tailgate with the group next Saturday. Even if you don’t have tickets everyone is still invited to tailgate.

Anyone who has served in the military past or present is eligible to be a member of USAA. They offer great discounts on a variety of services.



  1. […] self-defense classes and says it costs about $60 for one year. More information is available in last week’s blog post. Anyone interested should email Robb at […]

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